Institute for Justice Systems in Comparative Law

The Institute for Justice Systems in Comparative Law (IJSCL) at the Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto was established by Prof. Dr. Masahisa Deguchi in 2020.

Research results are published in the journal Ritsumeikan Law Review in the Institute’s monographs, as well as in many other forums, such as research conferences.

The Institute is also actively involved in international academic exchange with other universities and research facilities in Europe and Asia. As well as pursuing exchange of papers and information, it also arranges international symposia and lectures by visiting foreign researchers.

Explanatory Statement and Content
From an economic point of view, East Asia is a highly developed region; despite the huge differences between the political systems, the region has grown together – not only economically, but in recent times also the demand for (and examples of) cooperative legal frameworks.

However, the legal systems of the respective countries have to be further developed and improved with mutual respect to create the necessary conditions for peaceful coexistence. It is precisely in this respect that we can learn from the European experience.
It is important to create legal institutions in the East-Asian region following the examples of the European Union or the Council of Europe to legally implement the principles of the rule of law, democracy, and guarantee of human rights. This would also contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in the entire region.
The Council of Europe and the European Union succeeded in building legal and political institutions after WWII, as well as establish effective judiciary systems. The Human Rights have emerged as the highest good for the co-existence in Europe. Without the protection of the human rights, Europe couldn’t have developed a community in such a peaceful and harmonious way.