About Alumni Freiburg

Prof. Masahisa Deguchi first came to Freiburg as an undergraduate student in 1983 to 1985 and later attained his doctorate in law as Dr. jur. under Prof. Arens in 1991. In 2015 Prof. Masahisa Deguchi became President of the Freiburg Alumni Club in Japan.

About Alumni Freiburg

In 1997, the University of Freiburg was the first university in Germany to start establishing contact with its former students. Exchanges with alumni gave the university important insights into its graduates’ professional lives, while extensive opportunities for continuing academic education were created for alumni at the university. Students benefit from contact with professionals, e.g. through mentoring.
Former students receive all important information about their university via Alumni Freiburg. Alumni meetings are an opportunity to revisit the university and earlier friendships made there. Some 80,000 alumni worldwide are now in contact with the University of Freiburg.

Alumni-Club Freiburg in Japan

The international Alumni-Club of the University was founded by former rector Wolfgang Jaeger during his visit to Japan in 1997. During his official visit to Japan, Korea and China, he met former students of the University of Freiburg who were still feeling a strong bond to the university. To strengthen these contacts and build a new network between former and current students of the University, Wolfgang Jaeger founded the first international Alumni Club of the University of Freiburg under the name “Alumni Freiburg”.

Liste der Vorstände: Freiburger Alumni-Club Japan

Alumni-Club Meeting in Freiburg

Liste der Vorstände (Stand 7. August 2020)

Ehrenpräsident em. Prof. Dr. Tsuzuki, Masakazu
PräsidentProf. Dr. Deguchi, Masahisa
Vize-präsidentProf. Dr. Joh, Kensuke
Vize-präsidentDr. Mori, Masaji
VorstandProf. Dr. Oite, Takashi
VorstandProf. Dr. Saizawa, Mitsuyoshi
VorstandProf. Tokotani, Fumio
VorstandProf. Matsumoto, Hiroyuki
geschäftsführender VorstandOkamoto, Tsuyoshi
VorstandProf. Saitoh, Makoto
geschäftsführender VorstandProf. Honma, Manabu
VorstandProf. Tanaka, Koji
geschäftsführender VorstandProf. Fukunaga, Kiyotaka
geschäftsführender VorstandProf. Dr. Sugisaki, Yuichi
RechnungsprüferProf. Dr. Nomura, Hidetoshi